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My name is Jon C. Biernat, and I am a bankruptcy attorney at the Biernat Law Group. We are a law firm located in Mount Clemens, Michigan, that focuses on handling personal and small business bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

We understand that the decision to file for bankruptcy is often a very difficult one and can be stressful for the individual and his or her family, which is why I meet with each and every client myself. It is our goal to make the process as smooth as possible, and to cater to each client individually, allowing for the best possible legal representation. We have assisted a multitude of clients in finding solutions to financial problems such as Foreclosures, Repossessions, Lawsuits, Judgments, and Garnishments. It is the goal of this firm to provide quality services with honesty and integrity, and every client is treated with respect and given the full attention of this firm.

When Should You Consider Filing for Bankruptcy?

At its most basic, bankruptcy is a mechanism by which you can legally eliminate debt and begin anew to rebuild your financial well-being. Over the last several years, more and more individuals have utilized bankruptcy procedures to relieve them of overburdening debt. In Michigan alone, bankruptcies increased from 46,190 in 2007, to 68,596 in 2010, according to figures compiled by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

This increase in bankruptcies in Michigan, and indeed nationwide, is due primarily to the economic downturn. Many individuals who were able to support fairly sizeable debt obligations suddenly found those debt burdens overwhelming in the face of job losses, decreases in income, the collapse of home equity, the loss in value of securities held in savings and retirement accounts, and other factors. Small businesses experienced reduced sales, loss of value in real estate and securities holdings, and increased costs.

In addition to these outside stresses, for individuals, personal stresses can also produce economic challenges. Family problems, divorce, medical bills, college tuition, and so on, can contribute to financial hardship. Individuals and small businesses experiencing cash-flow difficulties can find themselves facing foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits, garnishment, and adverse or default judgments. Under these circumstances, debt can become literally insurmountable.

It is due precisely to these situations, which may happen to anyone who encounters misfortune, that Congress created the bankruptcy laws. Rather than try to confront a hopeless situation, people may be able to utilize bankruptcy procedures to obtain a final and legal settlement of all of their debt obligations in one proceeding.

A Bankruptcy May Be Able to Provide You an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

During these times of economic hardship, we want you to understand that it is not uncommon for people to find themselves unable to support their debt load. Unfortunately, accruing debt is easy and acceptable when individuals and small business owners believe they have achieved financial stability, and when the future looks promising. In recent years, however, people have discovered, to their dismay, that the optimistic outlook they had when they acquired their financial obligations has been not been borne out by recent events—through no fault of their own.

Due to outside circumstances, critical assets—whether real estate, inventory, securities, or personal property—have lost value, sometimes dramatically so. Often, anticipated income, whether it is an increased salary or a promotion for an individual or improved sales and expansion for a small business, have failed to materialize due to the hardships that have extended across wide swaths of the state and national economy. Even more, these hardships have often forced individuals to access personal lines of credit to keep their families and businesses afloat.

If you are currently facing serious financial problems as a result of high debt, it is important that you understand what all of your options are, so that you can make the decision that is right for you and your family.

The Biernat Law Group Helps Individuals and Small Businesses Navigate Successfully Through a Bankruptcy Procedure

At the Biernat Law Group, we understand how these serious financial problems can affect you, from sleepless nights to discord in the home or office to feelings of despair and hopelessness. Even worse, trying to cope with these problems on your own can lead to exacerbated health problems, and the emotional strains can affect your marriage, your relationships, and your employment.

But we want you to know: there is a solution.

At our firm, our goal is to assist all of our clients in finding workable legal solutions to these problems that will give them a clear road-map out of their financial predicament, and which will help them begin to rebuild their financial stability and well-being.

Depending upon your particular situation and the bankruptcy proceeding you utilize, you may be able to obtain a release from certain financial obligations entirely, or you may be able to restructure your debt or alleviate portions of it, so that your resulting financial obligations become entirely manageable.

If You Believe Filing Bankruptcy May Help You, Consult the Biernat Law Group

While bankruptcy is by no means a simple solution for dealing with financial difficulties, the Biernat Law Group can give you the information and advice you need to help you decide whether a bankruptcy may be the best option for you, depending upon your own personal goals.

At the Biernat Law Group, we strive to provide each of our clients with the right solution for their particular problems. We focus on providing honest, candid assessments of every situation, and of how alternative procedures can affect your holdings, your credit, and your future. No matter what your situation, our firm’s job is to help you resolve your problems in the best possible way, without passing judgment. Our aim is to help you to solve your problem efficiently and effectively, by being responsive to your needs and respectful of your goals.

If you need advice and assistance regarding a bankruptcy, or you want to investigate whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you, review the information provided here on our website, and call us for a free personal consultation today at (586) 493-5377.