Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – the Basics

  1. The first step in filing for bankruptcy is the free consultation. We will sit down and go over all your finances including your income, expenses, all your debt and your assets. We will assist you in determining whether bankruptcy is the right step for you and your family.
  2. When you are ready to go forward we will ask that you provide our office with documentation required by the bankruptcy court. These documents will assist us in preparing your bankruptcy petition.
  3. We will then schedule another appointment to have you review the bankruptcy petition and if it is accurate sign the bankruptcy petition.
  4. At this point you petition is ready to file. We will file the case for you and keep you updated throughout the bankruptcy.
  5. A typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires one court hearing. This court hearing is held at 211 W Fort Detroit, MI on the third floor.
  6. At this hearing the bankruptcy trustee, the individual appointed to administer your bankruptcy case, will ask you a series of question regarding your assets, your income and your overall financial position.
  7. The trustee will then file a report documenting that he or she has examined your case.
  8. A typical Chapter 7 will last approximately 90 days from start to finish.
  9. Your goal is to receive a discharge of all your debts.

Understanding the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge

  1. The goal is filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to receive a Discharge Order from the Bankruptcy Court.
  2. A Discharge Order relieves you of all personal liability on the debts listed in your bankruptcy.
  3. A Bankruptcy Discharge Creditors are not permitted to contact you by mail, phone, or otherwise, or to file or continue a lawsuit, to attach wages or other property, or to take any other action to collect a discharged debt.